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August 2017: Keep Plastics Clean!

Dear Recycling Customer,
Thank you for your commitment to recycling and waste diversion in Teton County. Your efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost are instrumental in sending less to the landfill and creating a more sustainable Jackson Hole.

To ensure that your efforts are maximized and that the material you send to us can be effectively recycled, there is one issue we must bring to your attention – Contamination of #2 Plastics! Contamination from food and cooking oil residue are at an all-time high. This type of contamination causes bacteria and insect infestation, threatens the health and safety of recycling operators and results in valuable recyclables having to be discarded as trash. A single dirty jug can be enough to drain onto and contaminate an entire bin of recyclables.
Please note! – Two New Policies:
1.Cooking oil containers are no longer accepted for recycling and should be discarded as trash. Oily residue is extremely difficult to clean fully and is responsible for contaminating large quantities of valuable recyclables. By removing these items from our material stream, we are ensuring a higher recycling rate for all the materials we accept.
2.Opaque mustard and ketchup containers will no longer be accepted as they cannot be easily verified as clean by recycling operators.
Additional Guidelines for #2 Plastics:
-Include only fully CLEANED #2 plastic bottles and jugs.
-Ensure that containers are free of all food and juice residue.
-Recycle #1 plastic bottles separately and do not include #3-7 plastics for recycling.
-Do not include garbage or garbage bags with recyclables.

Please click on the image above for a downloadable flyer and help distribute this information among your staff. We appreciate your attention to this matter and are happy to answer any questions or provide other support or assistance you may need.