Public Comment

Public Comment:  According to Wyoming State Statue (WY Stat § 16-3-103), prior to an agency's adoption, amendment or repeal of all rules other than interpretative rules or statements of general policy, the agency staff shall give at least 45 days notice of its intended action and allow for both written and online public comment . Click on the proposed rule changes below to submit public comment.

Public Feedback: Teton County is also seeking public feedback on a variety of ongoing projects throughout the county. While not part of state statute, public feedback gives departments insight on concerns and reassurances from the community. 

Use of County Right-of-Way for Small Wireless Facilities

On April 16, Teton County opened proposed rule changes for the county's use of right-of-way for small wireless facilities for public comment. The public comment period will be open for a 45-calendar day period.
  • To review Chapter 3 - Use of County Right-of-Way for Small Wireless Facilities, click here
  • To submit online public comment, e-mail:, or, drop off/mail to the Teton County Administration Building: 200 S. Willow Street, Jackson, WY 83001.

Tribal Trail Connector Road  

Teton County is in the preliminary stages of an environmental study, design, and potential construction of the 2,600-ft long (approximately 0.5-mile) segment of Tribal Trail Road that extends from Cherokee Lane North to Wyoming Highway 22 (WYO 22). The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is serving as an agent to the project to deliver the project and implement the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. An Environmental Assessment is being prepared consistent with NEPA. Teton County is currently seeking feedback from the community on the Tribal Trail Connector Project.
  • To learn more about the Tribal Trail Connector Project, click here.
  • To provide Teton County and WYDOT with feedback, click here, or drop/off mail to the Teton County Administration Building: 200 S. Willow Street, Jackson, WY 83001. 

Energy Mitigation Project

In 2009, Teton County adopted the Energy Mitigation Program (EMP) to steer Teton County residents to offset the disproportionate energy consumption of large buildings in our community with a conservation or renewable energy installation on site. If the structure does not include efforts to offset energy consumption, then Teton County imposes a fee in lieu. Proposed amendments to the EMP fees policy would clear up ambiguous language in the program related to refunds. Proposed rule changes would clarify that a refund is a one-time payment at the time the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.​ The public comment period was opened on May 7, 2019 and will remain open for 45 calendar days.
  • To review proposed rule changes to the Energy Mitigation Program, click here.
  • To submit online public comment, e-mail, or, drop off/mail to the Teton County Administration Building: 200 S. Willow Street, Jackson, WY 83001.