Becoming a Part of the Network


To be a part of the Teton County Weather Network, your weather station must meet 3 requirements:

  • Your weather station must be in Teton County, WY.
  • Your weather station must pass the MADIS quality control checks (a few abnormal readings are fine)
  • Your weather station must upload data at least every 20 minutes to CWOP/MADIS and always be on (either through the internet or amateur radio)

If you meet those requirements, email Rich Ochs your station location, CWOP number, and contact information. We'll list  your weather station data on our website for the public and emergency responders to use.

Home Weather Radar

Setting Up Your Weather Station

If you are thinking of purchasing a weather station to be a part of the network, remember that you will need to have a way to upload that data to CWOP. That means you'll either have to have an internet-connected computer on at all times or an amateur radio station that can transmit APRS packets.

If you have either one of those things, you'll next need to find a weather station with a thermo-hygrometer, barometer, rain bucket, and anemometer. You'll also want to be sure that the station you choose is compatible with a program that can forward data to CWOP.

Uploading Data

Once you have your station set up and sited well (not sitting over hot asphalt or blocked from wind/rain by trees), be sure that it is uploading data to CWOP. In order to do that you will need CWOP compatible weather station software mentioned above for your computer.

Some weather stations come with CWOP ready software, other stations require you to purchase it separately or from a 3rd party. Learn about joining CWOP or.get a brief overview of how to get started in CWOP. Lastly, email Rich Ochs to let Emergency Management know that your station is online and you want to share your data with Teton County.