Floodplain Contact Information

Teton County

The County Engineer is the Floodplain Administrator for the County. For questions, you can contact the Engineer / Road Department or any of the following individuals.

Name Title Phone # Email
Kurt Stout - Primary Contact Meridian Engineering-Floodplain Administrator 307-739-0500 Email
Amy Ramage County Engineer 307-732-8574 Email 
Dave Gustafson Road and Levee Dept.
307-732-8586 Email

State of Wyoming

If you have questions for the State of Wyoming, contact the following or individuals or reach out to their offices at:

122 W 25th Street

Herschler Building, 1st Floor

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Contact Position Phone Email
Kim Johnson
NFIP Coordinator
307-777-4910 Email
Carrie Chitty
GIS and Map Mod Coordinator
307-777-4917 Email

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region VIII

If you have questions for FEMA, contact any of the following people or at the following address:

Denver Federal Center

Building 710

Box 25267

Denver, CO 80225-0267

Position Phone Email
Brooke Buchanan Risk Map Specialist 303-235-4872 Email
Michael Gease Natural Hazards Specialist 303-235-4814 Email