Disease Surveillance

The Wyoming Department of Health Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program oversees the surveillance and control of infectious diseases throughout the State including:

  • Food and waterborne diseases (E. coli, salmonella, giardia, etc.)
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases (pertussis, bacterial meningitis, etc.)
  • Vectorborne diseases (West Nile Virus, Colorado tick fever, etc.)
  • Zoonotic diseases (plague, Q-fever, etc.)

Reporting Diseases

Physicians and laboratories are required to report certain infectious diseases to the Wyoming Department of Health. In conjunction with this program, Teton County Public Health responds to and investigates clusters and outbreaks of illnesses to limit further spread of disease.

A report is required by law within 7 days of diagnosis (unless otherwise specified on the Reportable Disease List) from both the attending health care provider/hospital and the laboratory performing diagnostic testing.

Wyoming Department of Health Reportable Disease List Standard Case Reporting Form

Alert the Hotline

A cluster of unusual or unexplained illnesses or deaths and suspected biological incidents necessitate an immediate call to the Public Health Emergency Hotline 888-996-9104.