Burning Rules

Acceptable Recreational Fires

Ensure burning rules are understood before making a fire in the Town of Jackson or in Teton County. Recreational fires can only be made in the Town of Jackson using a listed portable outdoor fireplace in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

These appliances must be minimum 15 feet from anything that can burn and 30 feet if property is in the mapped wild land urban interface.

Do not place appliances on wooden decks or next to structures with combustible siding.

Use these instructions (PDF) to apply for a DEQ burn permit.

Acceptable Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pit
Outdoor Fire Chimney


8.12.110 Burning Garbage & Refuse Prohibited

It is unlawful for any person to burn garbage, waste manure, or other material in the open air, or in any furnace, stove or incinerator with the Town limits. (Ordinance 900, 1, 2009; Ordinance 611, 1, 1998, Ordinance 121, 11, 1969.)

8.12.120 Endangering Property by Careless Burning Unlawful

It is unlawful for anyone to burn trash, rubbish, grass or other combustible material either in or out of incinerator, which through lack of supervision or through carelessness, causes a fire to spread to other property and which in turn causes the fire department ot be called to extinguish the blaze. Anyone in violation of this section, upon conviction, shall be fined a sum not exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars, and cost of damages to the property as decided by the court. (Ordinance 289, 7, 1982, Ordinance, 75, 15, 1961).