Mobilizing Jackson Hole

Event Purpose

  • This is the first of two public events for the Integrated Transportation Plan (the second will be in October at the draft plan stage).
  • We are not asking about vision or the desired future - those issues were settled in the Comprehensive Plan update, the Integrated Transportation Plan is intended to implement the adopted policies.
  • We are asking about priorities, timing of major projects, missing links, next steps for transit system expansion, and next steps for pathways and pedestrian improvements.
  • We will have a station for the Town of Jackson Complete Streets project, even though that is a separate project.
Mobilizing Jackson Hole Workshop flyer

Event Format

  • This is a drop-in style event - more open house than workshop. The event is from 4pm to 7pm, but you can come whenever you want and stay for any amount of time.
  • As you enter, you will move through 4 stations with display materials and exercises to complete.
  • There also will be a map room with mapping exercises.
  • As you complete the exercises, some of your responses will go into a live PowerPoint/video show that will be running continuously in the theater.
  • You should spend some time in the theater to see what people are saying and to learn more about the project.
  • Consultants and Staff will be around to talk, answer questions and discuss ideas.
  • There will be an outdoor display area where local groups, organizations and vendors will set up tables and display materials explaining their ideas for improving transportation.

Desired Outcomes

  • An opportunity for the public to learn about transportation issues and opportunities in Jackson and Teton County and see information about trends and choices.
  • An opportunity for the public to give the Town and County advice and ideas about what transportation projects, programs and regulations are needed to implement the Comprehensive Plan.
  • An interesting and fun event that builds momentum toward ultimate adoption by the Town and County of an Integrated Transportation Plan.