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In order for us to provide you with the best possible support, please fill out the Homeowner Contact Information form to inform of us any changes to your contact information. If you are unsure of what we have on file, just fill out the form anyway, and we will ensure that your household information is current.

Jackson Teton County Affordable Housing (JTCAH) is here to help owners of JTCAH program homes. We recommend that you call us whenever you have a question about the requirements in your home's Special Restrictions or Ground Lease. This way you can feel confident that you know exactly what is allowed  and will not be in violation of the regulations governing the use of  your home. Following are some common reasons homeowners contact JTCAH for direction or clarification:


There are two types of covenants recorded on JTCAH program homes. One is the Special Restriction and the other is Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs). The Special Restrictions are JTCAH's responsibility to oversee and the CCRs are the Homeowner's Association's (HOA) responsibility to oversee. Examples of things normally under the HOA are pets, parking, landscaping, fences, unsightliness, and HOA dues.

Examples of things under JTCAH are improvement credits, maintenance, estimated home appreciation, occupancy and use. If you aren't sure, please call JTCAH to find out.  


Maintenance is something that every owner of a home has to do whether it is an owner of a market home or a restricted home. Once you become a homeowner, there is no longer a landlord to turn to when something breaks or needs caring for.

One of JTCAH's role is to be a steward of the restricted homes  because they are a community asset. The taxpayers of this community have invested a subsidy in restricted homes in order to make them affordable to the community's workforce. This is a benefit to both the homeowner and to the community because it furthers the goal of housing at least 65% of the workforce locally. 

To ensure that these community assets are maintained over time, when  an owner sells their Affordable or Employment-based home, JTCAH hires a  third party inspector to inspect the home to find items that may need  replaced or repaired. Before the home can be sold, these items all need  to be taken care of. It is in the best interest of the homeowner not to allow their home  to fall into disrepair or there could be some expensive items to take care of at time of sale.

Since Attainable home sales are not facilitated by JTCAH, we have no  way to ensure that maintenance is kept up. This is taken care of in the negotiation of the price, the same as with market home sales.


Affordable and Employment-based homes may be refinanced for up to 95% of their estimated appreciated value. This provides a cushion of equity in the home for the owner because the estimated appreciated value is not a guarantee when the home sells. It also provides a cushion for any deferred maintenance items that may exist.


Most restrictions do not allow you to rent your home without prior  approval from JTCAH. You are responsible to follow the proper procedures and get approval if you feel you need to rent your home. Examples of reasons JTCAH has given approval in the past to rent are; going away to school, medical emergencies, and financial issues. Apply for approval to rent now by viewing the Owner Request to Rent Form. To learn more about JTCAH policies on renting, view the Rental Policy page.

Leave of Absence

Most restrictions allow owners to be away from their home for two months per year. Sometimes owners wish to leave for longer, but do not want to rent their home while they are gone. This requires approval from JTCAH. To apply for a leave of absence, please submit the Owner Request for Leave of Absence Form.

Capital Improvement Credit

Owners of Affordable and Employment-based homes may be eligible to  receive credit at time of sale for approved capital improvements. The Special Restrictions require that you get approval from JTCAH for any improvements prior to doing the work. For information about the types of improvements that can receive credit, see JTCAH's Capital Improvement Policy. To apply for Capital Improvement Credit approval use the Owner Request for Capital Improvement Credit.

Transfer of Title

Owners often have their situations change such as in marriage or  divorce and would like to change the title on their home. The restrictions do not allow non-qualified transfers of title. This means JTCAH must qualify each transfer of title. If you would like to transfer title, please submit the Owner Request for Transfer of Title Form. Because there are document preparation fees and recording fees, JTCAH charges $100 for transfers of title. JTCAH will provide the document and have it recorded for you.